Tumblr Founder, David Karp’s Williamsburg Loft

tumblr_msyww6N9Yn1qg44mto1_1280   David Karp The Founder of the microblogging platform Tumblr gives us an inside look at his enovated loft in south Williamsburg, Brooklyn. David Karp says “I DON’T LIKE SCREENS very much,” screens in the bedroom are “gross.”  his loft is instead, a dedication to all that is aged, rough or both: ancient bricks, weathered concrete, blackened steel and reclaimed oak. Nothing in his home looks particularly futuristic, or technological. The newest-looking machine in the house is the metal carcass of a classic 1969 Honda CB160 motorcycle, apparently in the midst of a living-room repair job. The apartment is built with “analog technology,” says John Gachot, the principal designer, who worked with Karp on the renovation. Gachot compares Karp’s loft to a submarine, where everything is made of tested, reliable materials that are designed to work together perfectly. “It’s mildly steampunk,” he adds, pointing out a few of the details, like tin ceilings and brass screws, at least “in the sense of looking backward.” The materials and methods are genuinely old: the reclaimed oak that dominates the living room comes from an old dairy farm in Pennsylvania, and the brick and concrete have aged with the building. “It’s very open and honest,” he says of the design. Above all, Karp’s home is about as different as it is possible to be, style-wise, from the tech palaces of the West, or the smart homes of the 1990s that were once supposed to be the future. Read the full article here nytimes.com. Author: TIM WU Photos: Ben Hoffmann 15arena-karp2-slide-EOZK-jumbo 15arena-karp2-slide-BQST-jumbo 15arena-karp2-slide-3AJ9-jumbo 15arena-karp2-slide-31ZW-jumbo 15arena-karp2-slide-2M2R-jumbo 15arena-karp2-slide-RSD0-jumbo
 via: nytimes.com
Photos: Ben Hoffmann

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