A few weeks back I found this brilliant new site which basically is a minimalist photo publishing platform for creatives to share their work, Visual Supply Co is an absolutely simple and clean site that stands out from all the other photo sharing communities. Even though there a ton of apps for editing photos, VSCO Cam totally convinces with its editing tools and the high-quality film emulations, personally I think VSCO has the best and professional filters I have used so far. Since I have bought the Canon EOS 650 D and the Canon EF 40mm I wanted to start getting more into photography but I couldn´t really find the time to go out and shot. When I found VSCO I was so inspired by all these great artists feature on the VSCO Grid, eventually I started to explore my city to take some shots and with VSCO´s app editing my photos was great fun. You can check the results below and visit me over on to see more of my photos.

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