The Yellow River by Zhang Kechun

Over a three-year period, Chinese photographer Zhang Kechun documented China´s rapid movement happening along the yellow river. With his large-format camera, Zhang Kechun captured the environmental destruction along the river, through his wide shots the images feel surreal making its inhabitants seem tiny in comparison to the expansive landscape. The overexposure and softness of the images make the devastated river look majestic and calm, Kechun is faithful that the power of nature will override the destructive power of humans.
The power of humans is nothing compared to the power of nature, even when we try to change it.—Zhang Kechun
3_7a 3_331 3_16 3_2a 3_3115 3_36_v2 3_371 3_3113 3_l8sf 3_171 3_24 3_17a 3_17 3_31_v2 3_1 3_321_v2 3_313 3_201 3_351a 3_312_v2 3_311 Zhang Kechun; Courtesy of Three Shadows +3 Gallery  

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