The Ply Series by Sarah Croft Design

I was really fascinated by this series of multi-functional objects designed by New Zealand-based creatives Sarah Croft and James Bennett. This collection of minimal objects utilizes numerous possibilities like storing, arranging, organizing and even planting. The Ply Series consists of a simple ladder made from 17ml plywood, a high stool which can be used as a seat, a table or coffee table to display and hold books either way up or side up, a planter box which can be used as a container or display shelf for objects and a shelf for books and magazines which also works as a table surface. The collection also comes with a variety of desktop utensils like a tray, wooden vessels and a simple functional object that holds your pens, mail, and papers. For more information visit sarahcroftdesign. 018_2500_c 015_2500_c The Ply Series: A collection of minimal functional objects, designed to fulfill multiple practical specifications. 4e2d3fbc1c3fcbbc9672d08353449068_1240 6916adda0cdd202e3d4c0878320a00f2_1240 Plywood Planter: A simple Planter box, designed to display more than one pot plant. The half hexagonal modular shape means it can be used as a container or display shelf for objects such as books. 006_2500_c 011_2500_c Balance Stool: Balance is a high stool, designed to be as multi-functional as possible. It can be used as a seat, a table or coffee table to display and hold books. The symmetrical geometry gives the stool a harmonizing feel while also providing a comfortable foot rest. The form can be used either way up or side up 20_2500_c Ladder: A simple ladder made from 17ml plywood. Designed to house your objects, books, clothing, and footwear. As it leans up against your wall, it naturally sits grounded, and allows for a flexible storage space. 7.6_2500_c9_2500_c Shelf A: A prototype designed to fit multiple functions in the home. Shelf A fits magazines, and books comfortably, and can be used as a table surface. Made from off cuts of beach timbre, this stool is fully sustainable. 26_2500_c Shelf Z: A simple functional object to designed sit on your desk- alone or stacked together. Holds your pens, mail, and papers visually so that they can be easily accessed. 11_1750 8_2500_c 2_1750 In Tray:A simple object that contains your papers or magazines. Built from 17ml ply-wood. b58721f1c645984e63c756cdc664b71e_1240 Wooden Vessels: Circular vessels made from drift wood and mahogany, turned on a lathe to produce beautiful uniformity. Designed to contain your tools and stationary.    

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