The Asics Gel-Lyte III “Winter Blues” Pack

gl3-banner For this winter season Asics offers a premium duo of the Gel-Lyte III with their “Winter Blue” pack. Both Gel-Lyte III´s offer a premium suede upper and reflective hints along the front toe box. Available in a burgundy,white, blue and in a complimentary grey, white, blue and red rendition. For Europe the pack is exclusively available at Foot Locker and in the US at Packer.   gl3-side-2 gl3-grey-2 gl3-grey-3 gl3-grey-4 gl3-grey-5 gl3-side gl3-burg gl3-burg-2 gl3-burg-5 gl3-burg-4 via: Packershoes    

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