Taking tea making to the next level with Jesse Jacobs

Berlin-based Freunde von Freunden interviewed the tea entrepreneur Jesse Jacobs to talk about his latest store opening in San Fransico and his inspiration, background story and why he chose to redefine the concept of tea making. With his Samovar Tea shops, Jesse takes tea making to the next level elevating the ancient art of preparing tea with sleek, hyper-modern brewing devices. When he started his business the question was how to make tea accessible because most people experience tea as a droopy, wet, cold tea bag. Samovar is supposed to show that tea actually has an inherent integrity and potency, a substantial nature. Authenticity, simplicity, accessibility are also core values that you will find throughout the design of the shop always with a consequence of absence: white walls, concrete benches, clay cups lining the edges of floating shelves, and smooth surfaces representing a connection to the natural world. The space is based on notions of authenticity, nature and substance. Inspired by the idea of Zen and the concept of emptiness the shops interior features natural materials like limestone, concrete and wood giving the customers a connection to the natural world and slowing down the pace of a modern city and the digital life. The store invites to focus on tea as ritual. Make sure to pay FvF a visit and read this inspiring interview! Freunde-von-Freunden_Jesse_Jacobs_2789-930x620
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“The question is how do you make tea accessible so that the housewife, the college kid, the tech worker and the sophisticated foodie can all grasp it and get it – that was the opportunity.” Jesse Jacobs
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“Tea has never been so accessible and utilitarian.”Jesse Jacobs
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