Take a look inside Toronto´s Mjölk Store

Mjolk_about_us_showroom-2 Started in 2009, Mjölk was founded by John and Juli Baker. Located in the Junction neighborhood of Toronto the store functions as a shop and gallery. With a focus and emphasis on functionality, craftsmanship, and timelessness, Mjölk exhibits work by both artists and artisans from Scandinavia and Japan and also offers a lifestyle store that features beautiful and  functional products for everyday rituals. Mjölk has worked on several product collaborations like the coffee service called Sucabaruca designed by Luca Nichetto, which was awarded with the 2015 Wallpaper Design award. Like the founders would say: Mjölk (Milk) is pure, honest, and essential. Take a look at the Store below and see all their offerings online over here.
“Our smaller products can be used without thought, or quietly admired. In our eyes just the simple satisfaction of functionality and durability, is all you need for a successful product, but when you can derive beauty from the uttermost simplistic tools, then you have something special.”
Mjolk_about_us_showroom-1 Mjolk_about_us_showroom-3 Mjolk_about_us_showroom-9 Mjolk_about_us_showroom-6 Mjolk_about_us_showroom-7 Mjolk_about_us_showroom-8 Mjolk_about_us_showroom-4 Mjolk_about_us_showroom-10 Mjolk_about_us_showroom-5 Mjolk_about_us_showroom-11    

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