Trapped in Tokyo Animated GIF Series

With his animated GIFs series Macedonian artist and photographer, Damjan Cvetkov-Dimitrov takes us on a surreal trip to Tokyo, capturing a futuristic and desolated atmosphere that this multimillion city radiates.Through his camera lens Dimitrov shows us his fascination for the city and in his article on Medium, he explains us why he’s trapped in Tokyo forever.

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Leo Tatemichi´s Pompon Cakes on Wheels

If you ever visit Kamakura in Japan and wander through the city streets you might keep your eyes open for a guy riding through the streets on his three-wheeled cake stand. Leo Tatemichi is selling delicious baked goodies and pastries, Leo is the owner and baker of Pompon Cakes, making delectable cakes like apple pie, carrot cake and Savarin. Originally studying architectural design Leo moved on to open his own cake shop and selling his products on the streets of Kamakura.

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House in Itami by Tato Architects

Tato Architects has completed a family home in a dense urban area of the city of Itami, Japan. In this three-storey house, the studio has incorporated elements of furniture of his own creation, thus forming a subtle union of architecture and furnishings.

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