A Look Inside the INSTRMNT Store in Glasgow

Architecture site Dezeen is giving us an inside look at Instrmnt´s first shop located in Glasgow. The Watch brand´s physical space offers their customers to browse and purchase their minimal watches. Inside, the flagship store features grey rubber flooring and white painted walls to create a canvas for the products on display. Equipped with furnishing from British company Vitsœ and Danish brand Hay as well as lighting provided by London-based Folk the overall minimal aesthetics comes to live in the store.

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Northern Lands: Copenhagen a Video Series by Hypebeast

Hypebeast introduced a new video series “Northern Lands” spotlighting Copenhagen one of my favorite City´s in Europe. Some of my all time favorite brands come from this unique place where you meet a lot of great people that create beautiful things, the Scandinavian design movement stands for simplicity and elegance always ahead of time.

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Lumio Portable Book Lamp

Lumio is a multi-functional lamp that unfolds like a book and can be opened to 360 degrees, the simple lamp has a warm light and the wooden hard-cover features built in magnetic pegs to maintain portability and flexibility.

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Tube Amplifier for Apple and Android by Stefan Radev & Partners

Product design firm Stefan Radev & Partners collaborated with Danish start-up Lampion to present a retro-style tube amplifier for both Apple and Android devices. The exposed tubes bringing back memories when the amplification technology was state of the art, this high-end amplifier functions as a luxurious audio device with great design and use of materials, like aluminum that prevents overheating and a wooden casing to enhance a warm sound that is created by the vacuum tube amplifier. These versatile hybrid devices can be used as stand-alone or together with existing equipment, allowing the user to play music from his mobile devices, wirelessly or docked.

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Shkatulka a Modular Desk Organiser by Lesha Galkin

The Shkatulka is a modern and elegant casket for your desk designed by St. Petersburg-based product designer Lesha Galkin. This special modular desk organizer got it´s name from a secret opening mechanism, Shkatulka translated from Russian into English as ‘casket’  was often found on traditional and ancient Russian chests to hide treasures. 

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