Shoes Like Pottery – Japan’s Finest Canvas Sneakers

  Shoes Like PotteryWith Shoes Like Pottery the Japanese brand really had a great come up over the years and the label is now featured at some the best menswear retailers all over the globe. With their simple and traditional take on of the Chuck Taylor silhouette, Shoes like Pottery really set a high standard when it comes to handmade manufacturing. These Canvas Sneakers are made with vulcanizing process carried out by only a handful of skilled manufacturers and named ‘Ka-ryu’ in the original Japanese, Shoes Like Pottery fire each pair of sneakers in a kiln, giving the sole a uniquely flexible and highly durable finish. Hand stitched in Japan by a selection of skilled craftsmen, each pair of shoes are finished off with a wax stamp style sole decal depicting the ‘Uchide no kozuchi’ a magic mallet which, when swung, was believed to grant it’s holders wishes. These premium canvas sneakers from Shoes like Pottery are available over at END. Unknown-2 Unknown-3 Unknown-4 Unknown-5 Unknown-6

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  • Solly Moletasne
    3 years ago

    How can I buy 3 pairs of “Shoes like Pottery” sneakers if I am based in South Africa Cape Town? I am interested in buying different colors , mustard, white and blue

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