Shkatulka a Modular Desk Organiser by Lesha Galkin

The Shkatulka is a modern and elegant casket for your desk designed by St. Petersburg-based product designer Lesha Galkin. This special modular desk organizer got it´s name from a secret opening mechanism, Shkatulka translated from Russian into English as ‘casket’  was often found on traditional and ancient Russian chests to hide treasures. The Shkatulka modular casket is entirely made from natural materials like wood and carved marvel designed for a pen and paper stationary, the corrugated marble surface keeps pencils from rolling away, rows of holes are made to hold a series of wooden pegs to keep books and papers standing upright. Inside the wooden box you´ll find a cylindrical marble capsule and another small wooden box to store more items. The Project was done for the group exhibition “Izba” which was shown on the Milan furniture fair  2014. Check out the animated gifs to see the inner workings of this amazing desk organizer and visit Homeli for more informations.

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