CHANOYU “The way of Tea” an Exhibition from Masanobu Ando at Mjölk

ando_exhibition-4 The Toronto based lifestyle store Mjölk showcased a special exhibition with potter Masanobu Ando. During his second visit to the store a wide range of his ceramic works were exhibited with the focus on “Chanoyu” a Tea Ceremony and its unique Tea tools as well as sculptures, vases, plates, trays, coffee cups and a lot more special utensils, beautifully handcrafted by Masanobu Ando. Visitors had the chance to witness this special Tea Ceremony performed by Mr. Ando in the front window of the gallery. Find more information here, see the images from the exhibition below and visit the Mjölk store to get your hands on some of these unique pieces. masanobu_ando_mjolk-1-700x466 masanobu_ando_mjolk-2-700x1050 masanobu_ando_mjolk-4-700x1050 masanobu_ando_mjolk-6-700x466 masanobu_ando_mjolk-8-700x466 masanobu_ando_mjolk-9-700x1050 masanobu_ando_mjolk-20-700x1050 masanobu_ando_mjolk-14-700x1050 masanobu_ando_mjolk-11-700x1050 masanobu_ando_mjolk-12-700x1050 masanobu_ando_mjolk-13-700x466 masanobu_ando_mjolk-22-700x1050 masanobu_ando_mjolk-18-700x1050 masanobu_ando_mjolk-17-700x1050 masanobu_ando_mjolk-16-700x1050 masanobu_ando_mjolk-19-700x466

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