Makeshift Society Workspace located in an old Pencil Factory in Brooklyn

The Journal from photography website VSCO gives us a beautiful inside in the new location from Makeshift Society. The architecture firm Dash Marshall turned this old pencil factory into a shared workspace for Brooklyn‘s creative entrepreneurs. Makeshift Society already provides workspace in San Francisco and successfully funded a Kickstarter for seeding this New York coworking space. The beautiful and functional new space offers plenty of cozy corners, quiet areas, and meeting rooms, the space is left relatively open plan to maximise light through the large windows. The texture of this 100 year old factory was kept by leaving the cast concrete walls and columns exposed. To create different working preferences, sofas and armchairs are interspersed with desks and wooden task chairs, the furniture was used to create a variety of settings in the space that provide comfort to people with different styles of work. All of the images were taken by Noah Sahadymake sure to visit VSCO´s Journal to read the whole Interview.

“The result is an interior comprised of intentionally ambiguous forms that play different roles at different times, designed with inspiration from Donald Judd and John Soane, as well as the popular film Wall-E,” said the architects.

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