Kusatsu House by ALTS Design Office

5429effac07a80548f00027f_kusatsu-house-alts-design-office_portada_82a8349 This two-storey house which looks beautiful from the inside is build on an unsightly car parking space in Shiga, Japan. While surrounded by neighboring houses and apartment blocks the Japanese ALTS Design Office had to find a solution to secure the privacy for their clients. Therefor the architects Sumiou Mizumoto and Yoshitaka Kuga created two high windowless concrete walls around the house and arranged an internal pathway inside which has a large skylight overhead, still allowing the natural daylight to find its way into the Kusatsu House. Located alongside this passage with a little rock garden you will find a traditional Japanese tatami area, the open-plan living room, dining area and kitchen on the ground floor. The timber interior, simple furnishings and greenery creates a natural and relaxing environment while the concrete walls hide the view on the unpleasant parking lot.
“We arranged the exclusive path inside of the house. We gave importance to designing an outside space in the inside space, and produced a diverse and interesting space.”
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