‘katamaku’ a Series of Cases made from a Single Sheet of Membrane

Born in Tokyo “katamaku” is a series of products that utilize unused parts of the membrane material made into various cases and bags for the everyday use. In order to keep its beautiful texture, the products are made from a single sheet of membrane that can – like a kimono – be folded to protect things that are to be carried.

Katamaku can be assembled with ease, and in order to take advantage of the beauty of the material, we have designed each product as one piece of folded cloth, like a kimono. If you look at the material closely, you will see that each product is finished from the membrane allowing you to really appreciate the beauty of its detail.
Featured in this minimalistic series is a card, pass, pen and book case, a document folder and pocket. Check out this beautifully handmade products and visit katamaku online for more information. 03_product1-1 03_product1-2 03_product1-3 03_product1-5 » Pass Case 03_product2-1 03_product2-2 03_product2-3 03_product2-5 » Card Case 03_product3-1 03_product3-2 03_product3-3 03_product3-5 » Pen Case 03_product4-1 03_product4-2 03_product4-3 03_product4-5 » Document Folder 03_product5-1 03_product5-2 03_product5-3 03_product5-5 » Book Case 03_product6-1 03_product6-2 03_product6-3 03_product6-5 » Pocket concept4

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