Jardins House by CR2 Arquitetura

With this project, the architects at CR2 Arquitetura created a stunning residence in São Paulo for a family that was looking for a new place in their Neighborhood. In a small street, they found a site with an old  industrial kitchen that occupied 100% of the lot. The idea was to build a mini respite in the urban landscape. The house which seems to be like a large concrete box built on the lot aims to make the most of the sunlight which was already quite limited by the surroundings. On the first floor, the large concrete box builds the main concept of the house, with tears and voids that illuminate the residence without penetrating the privacy. The voids are filled with lush and contemplative gardens, which can be viewed from all environments, creating a visual connection between the ground and the first floor. Due to the concrete, the free plan and the voids, this project features a strong modernist references, but with a more contemporary and current footprint. Make sure to read the full article over at Archdaily. 5485ac14e58ece0cb3000073_jardins-house-cr2-arquitetura_img_2480 5485acb8e58ecef0ed000086_jardins-house-cr2-arquitetura_img_2654 5485ace6e58ece0cb3000078_jardins-house-cr2-arquitetura_img_2670 5485ac91e58ecec7950000b1_jardins-house-cr2-arquitetura_img_2558 Architects: CR2 Arquitetura Photographs: Fran Parente via: Archdaily   

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