„In Praise of Slowness“ an Interview with Carl Honoré by Kinfolk

Since the 19th century, we were prophesied that an Age of Leisure would make our lives much more easy and that the machines will free use from the drudgery of work. But what happened to the Age of Leisure? A decade later it seems that none of these promises have come to reality, people work more than ever, sometimes handling 3 jobs to pay their bills and also social media is having a mature impact on our lives always overflowing us with mass information. In their latest issue Kinfolk Magazine meets Carl Honoré, one of the most respected advocates of the Slow Movement, eleven years after publishing his book „In Praise of slowness, he offers some insight on what slow means today. Read this highly recommendable interview over here and check out the full article which features some brilliant imagery and styling from the guys at Kinfolk.
“If you don’t have the time to be slow, then you aren’t really living properly”
You can now purchase the latest issue of Kinfolk Magazine Vol.15
Photographs by Mark Sanders Styling by David Lamb Production Lottie at Darling Creative
Photographer’s Assistant Adam Lang Digital Operator Oli Geir Hair and Makeup Lyz Marsden Model Harry Uzoka at Premier Model Management Clothing Raincoat by Mackintosh; jacket by Albam; shirt by Margaret Howell; trousers by Folk; shoes and bag by Oliver Spencer T-shirt by MHL Margaret Howell; shorts by Toast

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