Hender Scheme introduced their first book ‘Manufacture’

tumblr_nfs24gwNNl1sv6cbro1_1280 Japanese leather artisan Hender Scheme, known for taking on some classic sneaker silhouettes and creating all-leather high-end reproductions released their first book dubbed “Manufacture”. The book pays homage to the people behind the brand and details the high-quality craftsmanship that makes these leather products so remarkable. With this book Hender Scheme is giving the readers a view on the manufacturing process and the people who are coming from the Asakusa district of Tokyo – where the brand’s atelier sits. The book by famed Japanese designer Akihiro Kumagaya and Hender Scheme’s Creative Director Ryo Kashiwazaki, is limited to 500 copies and can be found at UTRECHT bookstore in Japan.
The manufacturer passes the product to the purchaser. The people who use it then will continue to complete the product.
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