Handmade Pottery by Katsufumi Baba

KATSUFUMIBABA I came across these great pieces of pottery quite often and sometimes you just need a little reminder and when browsing through my favorite items on Nuji there it was again this beautiful Tee Pot, so I decided to find out more about the man behind these great products. Japanese potter Katsufumi Baba always had a passion for pottery but it took him sometimes till he found his destiny, after finishing his law studies, Katsufumi decided to work as a potter, he travelled around Europe for two years to learn from European potters. In 2003, he set up a studio in his hometown of Fukuoka, ever since he creates functional and beautiful handmade pottery. His pieces are a quintessential example of imperfect perfection. Katsufumi Baba spent a whole year just learning how to throw clay, with this obsessiveness about quality and perfection his work really reflects every aspect of the  Japanese culture. Katsufumi focuses on creating traditional products that you can use over and over for one’s entire life. In the future he looks to explore porcelain clay dug up from his own land, using firewood and traditional methods to finish his pots. Find his collections over at OEN, Koromiko and the Joinery. kbteapot_1 blackteapot2_1024x1024 porcelainpot1_1024x1024 kbsgrpot_2 mattglazericebowl1_1024x1024 highsaltcup2_1024x1024 blackmug4_1024x1024 hakememug1_1024x1024 hakmeplate1_1024x1024    

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