FvF meets Stephan Tillmans in his Berlin Apartment

FreundevonFreunden visits Designer & Photographer Stephan Tillmans in his Kreuzberg Apartment to talk with him about his career and his influences. In his award-winning thesis work, a photo series titled “Leuchtpunktordnungen,” he captured the light effect that remains after a classic tube television is turned off. FvF gives us a look in the designers well thought out and minimally designed Berlin apartment and talks with him about his incredible professional development, improving everyday habits and how he handles the pressure to succeed. Visit FreundevonFreunden for the whole interview and find Stephan’s works on his website. Freunde-von-Freunden-Stephan-Tillmans-3490-035-copy-930x620 Freunde-von-Freunden-Stephan-Tillmans-0247-033-930x620Freunde-von-Freunden1 Freunde_von-Freunden_Stephan_Tillmans_5699-0501-930x620 Freunde_von-Freunden_Stephan_Tillmans_5546-056-930x620 Freunde_von-Freunden_Stephan_Tillmans_5756-058-930x620   Freunde_von-Freunden_Stephan_Tillmans_5595-091-930x620 Freunde_von-Freunden_Stephan_Tillmans_5582-090-930x620 Freunde_von-Freunden_Stephan_Tillmans_5570-082-930x620 Freunde_von-Freunden_Stephan_Tillmans_5725-088-930x620 Freunde-von-Freunden-Stephan-Tillmans-3441-123-930x620Freunde-von-Freunden2 Freunde-von-Freunden-Stephan-Tillmans-3508-166-930x620 Freunde_von-Freunden_Stephan_Tillmans_5820-141-930x620

This portrait is part of our ongoing collaboration with ZEIT Online who presents a special curation of our pictures on ZEIT Magazin Online.

via: FvF

Photography & Video: Philipp Langenheim & Corina Schadendorf

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