Faculty Department Book by Justin Chung

Fashion and lifestyle photographer Justin Chung released his first book entitled Faculty Department, giving us a personal and up-close perspective on noteworthy individuals such as Ennis McIntoshTokuhiko KiseFrank MuytjensLauren SnyderPhilip Crangi, and Armando Cabral. With his photography project and visual journey, Justin Chung offers a glimpse into the lives of 13 creative personalities – while at work, in their daily routine or within the stillness of a moment. With this photography book, Justin Chung focused on lives, spaces, and the stories documented in a book filled with pages of warm and intimated imagery. The book is now available at selected bookstores worldwide or online over at Faculty Department.     Angus-McIntosh-2-1     Unknown-12     Unknown-11     Unknown-6 Unknown-5 Unknown-3 Unknown-4Faculty-Dept-Home


  • marry
    3 years ago

    Really love the book! where can i buy it?

  • edwin83
    3 years ago

    some nice shots in there!

  • HellaSick
    3 years ago


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