Doug Johnston Handmade Rope Colied Products

In early 2010 Doug Johnston started making coiled rope baskets that exposed the natural cotton rope and he used colored thread as both structure and decoration. His interest in the coiling process grew out of previous studies in knitting and free-form 3D weaving. In 2011 Doug launched his webshop and tried to explore many variations on the process, creating quite a variety of functional and sculptural objects. All pieces are lovingly handmade and hand-formed one at a time in his Brooklyn studio. The rope works are made from sewing thread and braided 100% cotton or nylon cord, stitched on vintage industrial zig-zag sewing machines. Elle Decor and Cotton produced a video about Doug Johnston´s studio which you can check out above, and if you are interested in those beautifully handmade accessories you can shop them over at his online shop and Totekaleo. IMG_0152-152 200-1 dj-0130 33_DJ_ropecomp-4 Unknown-2 33_DJ_ropecomp-175 33_DJ_ropecomp-198 33_DJ_ropecomp-54

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