Ceramic Coffee Set by Luca Nichetto for Mjölk

The Sucabaruca coffee set is designed by Venice and Stockholm based designer Luca Nichetto and Lera Moiseeva for Toronto based gallery and shop Mjölk. The set consists of a porcelain coffee pot, 3 cups, pour-over dripper, and maple wood tray with walnut legs. the set elements can be stacked and combined as desired, indulging in the different personalities offered by 3 colour palettes, from total white to pastel tones and eventually pop colours. Each porcelain work is handmade by Alissa Coe in Toronto.The patterns, hand-engraved in the ceramic, are meant to emphasize the uniqueness of the pieces, as well as for the tray, manufactured using materials such as Canadian maple wood. The set also includes a wood gift box and small book about the design and production process of Sucabaruca, the Sucabaruca coffee set is available over at Mjölk.

Here is what Luca Nichetto had to say about the design concept:

I came up with the idea of designing a coffee set that aims to combine the modern ritual of filtered coffee, which unites several countries including North America and Scandinavia, with the renowned tradition of my land, where coffee has been a cult drink for centuries.

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 Photos © Juli Daoust Baker

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