`California Topiaries`a Photo Series by Marc Alcock

San Francisco-based photographer Marc Alcock has a distinctive interest in the visual language of surroundings and in his projects, he often pays attention to the unique form, colour, and texture of a place. With his latest Photo series entitled `California Topiaries` the British photographer documents the relationship between houses, plants and trees in the Californian suburbs.

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The Yellow River by Zhang Kechun

Over a three-year period, Chinese photographer Zhang Kechun documented China´s rapid movement happening along the yellow river. With his large-format camera, Zhang Kechun captured the environmental destruction along the river, through his wide shots the images feel surreal making its inhabitants seem tiny in comparison to the expansive landscape.

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Trapped in Tokyo Animated GIF Series

With his animated GIFs series Macedonian artist and photographer, Damjan Cvetkov-Dimitrov takes us on a surreal trip to Tokyo, capturing a futuristic and desolated atmosphere that this multimillion city radiates.Through his camera lens Dimitrov shows us his fascination for the city and in his article on Medium, he explains us why he’s trapped in Tokyo forever.

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Balloon filled Abandoned Places by Charles Pétillon

Parisian photographer and installation artist Charles Pétillon presents his installation series using balloons to alter the way people perceive familiar things and spaces. In his Invasions series, Pétillon fills spaces like an abandoned house, public play area and a golf and forest with different-sized white balloons overflowing the environment and spilling out the windows and doors.

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“Botanical” a Photo Series by Samuel Zeller

Swiss-based Designer & Freelance Photographer Samuel Zeller presents a series of photographs capturing the flora and fauna of a botanical garden from the outside through blurry translucent glass. The series entitled “Botanical” is a modern photographic reinterpretation of the classical botanical illustrations produced between the 18th century and the beginning of the 20th century. Reality is refracted by the greenhouse’s ground glass and reminds the photographer of the paper used in watercolour paintings.

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Open Space Office by Tito Mouraz

Open Space Office a series of photographs by Tito Mouraz was shot in Portugal over a 3-year period, Tito Mouraz documented the transformation of a marble mine, this landscape portrays the existence of Man as a constructive, reconstructive and contemplative being.

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