Taking tea making to the next level with Jesse Jacobs

Berlin-based Freunde von Freunden interviewed the tea entrepreneur Jesse Jacobs to talk about his latest store opening in San Fransico and his inspiration, background story and why he chose to redefine the concept of tea making. With his Samovar Tea shops, Jesse takes tea making to the next level elevating the ancient art of preparing tea with sleek, hyper-modern brewing devices. When he started his business the question was how to make tea accessible because most people experience tea as a droopy, wet, cold tea bag.

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`Skateboarding In Pine Ridge´A Skate Park built at the South Dakota Reservation

This touching documentary directed by Greg Hunt and presented by Levi´s Skateboarding shows how skating is giving young adults new perspectives, bringing them together and taking them away from the harsh reality living in a reservation. Pine Ridge in South Dakota maybe only known through media as an impoverished community with a drug and alcohol epidemic and teen suicide rates seven to ten times greater than the National average, but when the Levi’s team came to visit and helped to build a skate park they were seeing a community transform and through skateboarding they were giving a generation of young American Indians a new identification and strength to grow as a collective.

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‘The Wild’ Short Surf Film Featuring Noah Beschen

“The Wild” featuring young surf talent Noah Beschen is the grand prize winner of the 2015 REDirect Surf Film Festival. With 11 filmmakers in the running, the competition saw RED hand-select and provide each one with a RED Dragon 6K high-definition camera, with 10 weeks of filming and four weeks of post-production given to produce a work of cinematographic art. While “The Wild” has little plot and no dialogue to speak of, it is easy to see why the four-person judging panel chose it as the winner, with its expertly executed shots, high production quality, breathtaking stunts by Beschen, and an overall emotive experience. Without further ado, make sure to watch the winning entry above in fullscreen.

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Ignant visits Distrikt Coffee in Berlin

Ignant gave Berlin´s Distrikt Coffee a visit to chat with the owners about how they met, their experiences with opening their first coffee shop, New York and how social media helped them spread the word. Distrikt Coffee which could be described as a hidden gem located in Berlin Mitte is beautiful renovated, brick walls were left exposed and throughout you´ll find a mix of wood and metal materials highlighted with copper lights. The coffee shop invites with a lot of space for their guest and a menu that focuses on café-style food, with a lot of vegetables and healthy ingredients.

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„In Praise of Slowness“ an Interview with Carl Honoré by Kinfolk

Since the 19th century, we were prophesied that an Age of Leisure would make our lives much more easy and that the machines will free use from the drudgery of work. But what happened to the Age of Leisure? A decade later it seems that none of these promises have come to reality, people work more than ever, sometimes handling 3 jobs to pay their bills and also social media is having a mature impact on our lives always overflowing us with mass information. In their latest issue Kinfolk Magazine meets Carl Honoré, one of the most respected advocates of the Slow Movement, eleven years after publishing his book „In Praise of slowness, he offers some insight on what slow means today.

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FvF meets Stephan Tillmans in his Berlin Apartment

FreundevonFreunden visits Designer & Photographer Stephan Tillmans in his Kreuzberg Apartment to talk with him about his career and his influences. In his award-winning thesis work, a photo series titled “Leuchtpunktordnungen,” he captured the light effect that remains after a classic tube television is turned off. FvF gives us a look in the designers well thought out and minimally designed Berlin apartment and talks with him about his incredible professional development, improving everyday habits and how he handles the pressure to succeed.

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