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Cereal visting Woodworker George Nakashima

George Nakashima is a woodworker who has studied at the University of Washington and MIT and has traveled the world. When returning to the US, war broke out and forced him and his family into the Japanese concentration camps. But none the less he and a detainee started to make furniture from scrap wood and old army cots. Cereal Magazine came to visit the woodworker on his Pennsylvania farm, giving us a glimpse at his beautiful estate and work.

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New Balance Designer Terry Heckler talks about the Company’s Origins

Terry Heckler has long been at the forefront of design and is responsible for creating countless logos and advertisements for multiple brands. With the design of the iconic NB Logo, Terry Heckler has been putting his stamp on one of the most renowned brands in the world: New Balance. In this short documentary, the designer talks about the collaboration with owner Jim Davis, the inspiration behind NB's ethos and history from the ’70s to today.

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Balloon filled Abandoned Places by Charles Pétillon

Parisian photographer and installation artist Charles Pétillon presents his installation series using balloons to alter the way people perceive familiar things and spaces. In his Invasions series, Pétillon fills spaces like an abandoned house, public play area and a golf and forest with different-sized white balloons overflowing the environment and spilling out the windows and doors.

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FvF meets Stephan Tillmans in his Berlin Apartment

FreundevonFreunden visits Designer & Photographer Stephan Tillmans in his Kreuzberg Apartment to talk with him about his career and his influences. In his award-winning thesis work, a photo series titled “Leuchtpunktordnungen,” he captured the light effect that remains after a classic tube television is turned off. FvF gives us a look in the designers well thought out and minimally designed Berlin apartment and talks with him about his incredible professional development, improving everyday habits and how he handles the pressure to succeed.

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