`California Topiaries`a Photo Series by Marc Alcock

San Francisco-based photographer Marc Alcock has a distinctive interest in the visual language of surroundings and in his projects, he often pays attention to the unique form, colour, and texture of a place.

With his latest photo series entitled `California Topiaries` the British photographer documents the relationship between houses, plants and trees in the Californian suburbs. His work is reflecting the human-influenced landscapes and surroundings with all kinds of sculptures created by growing grasses, vines or plants.
“I love that many people here cultivate these living sculptures outside of their homes. The character of the building is special because of a unique relationship with plants and nature, ” says Marc. Make sure to visit his website to see the full series.
Plantology_Web_13 Plantology_Web_25 Plantology_Web_04 Plantology_Web_11 Plantology_Web_16 Unknown-1 Unknown-2 Unknown-4 Plantology_Web_24   All images © Marc Alcock
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