Aimé Leon Dore Pre-Fall 0114 Lookbook

After teasing us via Instagram with a video the up and coming brand Aimé Leon Dore now unveils a first range from their 2014 pre-fall collection featuring key pieces like hoodies, shorts, sweatpants, shirts, parkas, accessoires, more following in the next weeks. Again the brand convinces with casual streetwear piece in light natural tones with highlights of burgundy and navy. Check out the teaser video above and head over to their online shop get your hands the Aimé Leon Dore pre-fall 0114 collection.
The vision behind 0114, was to create essentials that have longevity in one’s wardrobe. The goal is, and will always be, for our garments to work as pieces that can be worn throughout the year by layering, matching, and mismatching.
AimeLeonDore_Lookbook_0114-6075-Edited AimeLeonDore_Lookbook_0114-6531-Edited AimeLeonDore_Lookbook_0114-7025-Edited AimeLeonDore_Lookbook_0114-6220-Edited AimeLeonDore_Lookbook_0114-5773-Edited AimeLeonDore_Lookbook_0114-6356-Edited-2 AimeLeonDore_Lookbook_0114-6795-Edited AimeLeonDore_Lookbook_0114-6685 AimeLeonDore_Lookbook_0114-5983-Edited AimeLeonDore_Lookbook_0114-6584-Edited AimeLeonDore_Lookbook_0114-7100-Edited AimeLeonDore_Lookbook_0114-5941-Edited AimeLeonDore_Lookbook_0114-6154-Edited  

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